G 9 Ch 1 – Bumpy Beginnings

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Ismat stared at the odd statue her mom had left behind as she worked out. She didn’t really need to work out she was in peak physical condition, but working out helped her think, and she had a lot on … Continue reading

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G8 Ch 1 – Z’ah

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Frustration! Z’ah pasted a fake smile on her face and chatted with her brother’s co-worker. Ever since she had been made heir and head of the Avani household, everyone seemed determined to fix her up with a mate. She could … Continue reading

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G 7 Ch 1 – What’s a Teen To Do? Part 1

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This is my sucky life, I’m probably the only teen at our school who is the head of their household, and has to pay all the fees and fines that the council levees whenever it feels like. I think I’m … Continue reading

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G 6 Ch 1 – Frida

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Frida stared at her aunts. They were acting so foolish, just because she was now an adult. Frida knew that both aunts were hoping she would follow one of their career paths, but she had already signed up to be … Continue reading

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G 5 Ch 1 – Elfreda in charge

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I’m still wrapping my head around the conversation mom had with me last night. She put me in charge of everything, I was now head of the family.  It’s one thing to want to change the way businesses and the … Continue reading

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G 4 Ch 1 – Memories

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Continue reading

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G 3 Ch 1 – Freedom to Explore part 1

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Cadeyrn and Chrysanta ate their morning soup, the silence of the house weighing heavily on them. The loud blare of the carpool horn jolted Cadeyrn. Standing he told Chrysanta that he didn’t hear the school bus so she must have … Continue reading

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Freddie’s Story – Introduction

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hi my name is freddie …….. freddie avani my mom ……. of my parents ….. well ……. ummm …..what oh yeah parents my mom was anwen avani ……. dad no don’t know …… huh …… no never knew mom said … Continue reading

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G 2 Ch 1 – Transitions

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The days that followed Almas death were hard ones for the Avani family. Gage did his best to choke back his own grief, he and Almas had had so many wonderful years together on and off the police force. Instead … Continue reading

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Generation 1.2 Ch1 – A New Beginning

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Her boss was Lieutenant Dorothy DeMayo, who would probably be forced out soon due to her age … it seems the council has something against older people working, and her patrol partner was a woman named Tana Leal. She told me her partner was a little bit surprised when she learned that Almas’s last name was Avani. She had thought that was a name unique to her step-daughter Anwen. Continue reading

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Primrose Avani – an apocalypse inspired challenge Ch1

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I don’t know where I come from. What I do know is that when I awoke on the beach I was soaking wet. My head felt clouded and hurt, upon inspecting my person I found I have what feel like markings or scars on my neck and face, small metal hoops in my ears, what I think are feathers in my hair, a ring with an blue-green stone in it, and I discovered a mark on my right wrist that does not come off in symbols I don’t understand. Continue reading

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G 9 Ch 6 – Changes Aren’t Always Good

After the bombshell Anoki had thrown at her, Ismat still shared her bed with him, but other than the occasional hug for the known cameras, she practically shunned him. He accepted her choice and focused all his energy on the … Continue reading

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G 9 Ch 5 – Crumbling Down

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About a week after Anoki’s birthday the coach called Ismat into his office and explained that she had been selected for a culture exchange program with the Shang Sim La athletic community. She was expected to learn their martial arts … Continue reading

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G 9 Ch 4 – Boarding Schools

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Frustrated Ismat went looking for her mom, but only found her Aunt Hadia at the house. Hadia took in Ismat’s appearance and asked her what was wrong. “Hadia I wish I could say, but mom was heir not you ….” … Continue reading

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G9 Ch 3 – Family History & Secrets

Ismat was thrilled when Jack indicated he wanted to use the potty and be a big boy like daddy.  Since Anoki was still working for the science center, Ismat covered the potty training during the day and Anoki covered it … Continue reading

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G 9 Ch 2 – Promises, to make and keep

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Ismat rested on her bed while Jack napped, lately she’d started feeling unwell again and she hoped it meant another baby. When she started puking daily again, she called the clinic for an appointment. While she waited for her appointment … Continue reading

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Farewell S3 Store – You were a beloved friend

That’s Amore from The Sims 3 Store! http://www.thesims3.com/community/blog.html?month=07&year=2014 August 7th* 2014 will see the last release of new content from the sims 3 on-line store. The set looks to add one final bit of pc for us to play with … Continue reading

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