Freddie’s Story – Introduction


hi my name is freddie …….. freddie avani

my mom ……. of my parents ….. well ……. ummm …..what oh yeah parents

my mom was anwen avani ……. dad no don’t know …… huh …… no never knew mom said ……

who are you again …… say where am i this doesn’t look like home …….

the men they said they were taking me home! Where’s my dog and Sam?!?

whats that ………. i feel funny …… this my home …… how come i don’t ….. zzzzzzzzz

What! oh it’s you ……. what were we talking about …. ah parents …. no dad’s …… don’t know my dad mom said she never knew who he was

what was it she told me ……. no told sam …….. i listened ….. lab dark room man exper-i-ment …… whats an exper-i-ment

this new home …… big

Screenshot-19 Screenshot-23

Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25


Author’s note;

I’m counting the green house as a skill item, no growing station. I’ll be playing with Freddie’s voice and dialog a bit as I get used to playing him. This side story will not disrupt the legacy already started, I copied the town before plunking Freddie down in Sunset Vally/Lighthouse Cove’s asylum and future cemetery. Should by chance Freddie find love with one of his fellow inhabitants he will be permitted to move to another lot and begin a new life at the end of this mini challenge. Freddie rolled a lifetime want of “Jack of All Trades”.

I will be following the Asylum Challenge rules from here: as best as possible. there are a few things that conflict with where the main Legacy is at with unlocking aspects of the apocalypse challenge, the simple explanation will be ‘The members of city council had this asylum built therefore they did not have to adhere to their own rules.’

Freddie’s traits are: Technophobe, neurotic, insane, inappropriate, and loser

The challenge will begin in earnest once the rest of Freddie’s roommates arrive. Administration is processing the paperwork for 3 additional males and 4 females. Any submissions will be credited and linked back to home studios.


The Inmates:

Note: inmates under went personality adjustments when they were *kidnapped* by the city council and thrown into the Asylum with Freddie. Links below are to the original *sane* sims and their creators studios.

The Women:

  1. Motina Drakonas

Created by SmithMarsh


  1. Cronethe Wickdwych

Created by Faith12368

  1. Sasha Dragon

Created by saschatilo


  1. Tory Taylor

Created by Emmy0322


  1. Freddie Avani                                       born in game sim and the main character of this tale

  1. Werewolf Eye Candy

Created by mosneakers

  1. Maz Hanson Version 2

Created by BoltzY2k



    Juan Darer

from Twinbrook

Created by Maxis/EA Developers

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3 Responses to Freddie’s Story – Introduction

  1. mosneakers says:

    ahhhh you use one of my sims! Thank you so very much 😀 And Juan Darer too xD What a great cast!

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